WatchLock® (“The Reporting Lock”)

WatchLock® (“The Reporting Lock“) is a high-security padlock offering real-time SMS and email reporting, GPS and GSM monitoring and tracking capabilities, plus geo-fencing.  The lock will protect and monitor any site, position or object requiring effective security protection.  WatchLock® will report every locking and unlocking event, closely supervise valuables wherever they might be located, and ensure peace of mind.


WatchLock® (“The Reporting Lock“) is a high-security padlock offering real-time (SMS and email) reporting, plus GPS and GSM monitoring and tracking capabilities. The lock will protect and monitor any site, position or object requiring an effective high-security lock. WatchLock® will report every locking and unlocking event, closely supervise valuables wherever they might be located, and ensure peace of mind. WatchLock® is fully autonomous, does not require an external power supply, and operates in all weather conditions. WatchLock® is easy-to-use, reliable and cost effective. WatchLock® is also configurable and scalable.

Download WatchLock® User’s Guide here. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, download it here with Acrobat Reader.

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See WatchLock® in Action

WatchLock® Installation Video

WatchLock®, Shown with CLIQ® Electromechanical Cylinder & Key



WatchLock® reporting locks are designed for use with any application requiring a high-security padlock, coupled with real-time online text messages and email alerts, and GPS tracking capabilities, including:

        • Infrastructure (dams, refineries, pipelines, hangars, sports facilities, barns, silos
        • Public and private utilities (electricity, water, natural gas, nuclear, telecommunications)
        • Municipalities (public buildings, schools, etc.);
        • Hospitals and clinics
        • Warehouses and distribution centers
        • Oil and gas drilling companies
        • Mining companies
        • Police and other law enforcement agencies
        • Private security companies
        • High-value machinery and equipment
        • Vehicles, trailers, RVs, yachts and motorcycles
        • Construction sites, gang boxes and truck tool boxes
        • Retail stores and restaurants
        • Professional music organizations and artists

        • Industrial plants
        • Airports
        • Bottling companies, breweries, wineries
        • Server farms and data centers
        • Academic campuses
        • Schools and daycare centers
        • Motion picture and television production companies
        • Correctional facilities

      • Zoos and aquariums
      • Transportation logistics (intermodal shipping containers, semi-truck trailers, railcars, barges, etc.)
      • Self-storage units and containers
      • Lockers and cabinets
      • Other high-value movable assets (ATMs, vending machines, kiosks, debit/smart/add value/calling card machines, currency and coin changers, etc.).

WatchLock® features embedded GPS and GSM capabilities. WatchLock® is battery operated, so no external power source is required. WatchLock® has a robust design for enhanced protection and durability, and incorporates cellular technology that communicates the lock’s status, while allowing you to choose the communication device of your choice, whether cell phone, PC or tablet. WatchLock® text messages or email alerts provide detailed information, including:

  • When the lock’s shackle is opened or closed,
  • When the lock is re-positioned,
  • When the lock is moved out of or into a predefined geographical area (geo-fencing),
  • A low battery notification or alerting when the lock’s battery needs to be replaced,
  • Real-time location fixing using using the lock’s built-in, concealed antenna,
  • Real-time text messages or email alerts allowing you to decide when your attention is warranted,
  • The ability to define and schedule information for which you receive alerts using the WatchLock® online application,
  • Worldwide coverage that is both functional and usable,
  • Remote monitoring capabilities that saves costs, time and physical intervention,
  • Real-time alerts for any break-in attempts using the lock’s accelerometer.

WatchLock® is available in several configurations to meet specific applications:

WatchLock® – SMS (w/text message and email alerts to cell phones and computers);
WatchLock® – A/SMS (w/adjustable accelerometer, and text message and email alerts to cell phones and computers);
WatchLock® – GPS/SMS (w/GPS online monitoring and tracking, and text message and email alerts to cell phones and computers);
WatchLock® – GPS/A/SMS (GPS online monitoring and tracking, adjustable accelerometer, and text message and email alerts to cell phones and computers);
WatchLock® – GPS/A/SMS/CLIQ® (GPS online monitoring and tracking, adjustable accelerometer, text message and email alerts to cell phones and computers, and CLIQ® electromechanical cylinder).

WatchLock® Securing a Semi-Truck Trailer Hasp

WatchLock® offers a unique combination of advantages over other high-security locks:• Personal Control – You will receive an immediate real-time alert if the lock is opened at an unusual time. Reports about the lock exiting a predefined area (geo-fencing) are received at predefined intervals. Knowledge = Control;
• Quick Response – You can react immediately upon receiving an alert of any deviation from the normal routine;
• Monitoring – Consistent reports transmitted by WatchLock® provide you with verifiable information about opening and closing of the lock’s shackle;
• Supervision – WatchLock® helps prevent theft by employees and intruders and, if necessary, assists in locating the lock itself, if it has been stolen or misplaced;
• Ease of Use – After a simple installation (like that of a cell phone) the lock is operational. The lock does not require external power, and operates without needing any supportive infrastructure or wiring;
• Cost Reduction – WatchLock® “The Reporting Lock” enables you to save both supervision and inspection expenses.

WatchLock™ Padlock Securing a Hose Coupling

The complete WatchLock® system includes a high-security padlock and an online web application, each provided separately. The online application is an internet based flexible events generator, enabling real-time monitoring from anywhere, at any time. The online web application features:

Online Web Application – GPS Mapping for Real-Time Location Fixing

  • A database of specified locks (identified by name, location, etc.)
  • A definition of parameters that define irregular events, areas and times
  • A definition of the destinations for sending alerts (E- MAIL, SMS)
  • Maps for the exact location of the lock(s)
  • Specifications for ongoing reporting of time intervals

WatchLock® integrates mechanical strength, reliable telemetry and ease-of-use:

WatchLock™ dimensions (mm)

        • Professional high-security pin tumbler padlock (C10);
        • Pop-open shackle that retains the key when open;

WatchLock™ with Interactive® Key

      • Hardened steel plated shell;
      • Hardened boron alloy steel shackle;
      • Protective shutter against dust contamination;
      • Drainage holes to prevent freezing and corrosion;
      • All weather durability; -40ºC – +60ºC;
      • Exceeds UL 437 specifications;
      • Keyed alike (KA), keyed differently (KD), or master keyed (MK);
      • Reversible nickel silver keys with plastic key head;
      • Real-time online reporting and GPS tracking capabilities;
      • Patented keys protected by a personal key card that must be presented before key duplication;
      • Pick and drill resistant;
      • Security Gr 3 according to and 12320 AND EN 1627.

WatchLock® kits contain:

        • C10 high-security padlock
        • Hardened plastic covering containing an electronic circuit board attached to the padlock
        • Electronic circuit board includes: CPU, GPS receiver & antenna, and cellular modem & antenna
        • 2 rechargeable batteries
        • Battery charger
        • 2 Keys and duplication card.

WatchLock™ Disassembled

Custom modifications & accessories for WatchLock® may be added:

      • WatchLock® may be upgraded to interactive electromechanical keying (CLIQ®) which offers a precise audit trail, tamper proof key codes, time-based and permission-based access rights, and sequence lock options;
      • WatchLock® cylinders may be replaced with Abloy or Medeco cylinders;
      • Shackles may be removed and replaced with different sized shackles (2 ½”, 4”);
      • Integrated shackle protectors may be added for minimum quantity orders;
      • Padbars are available for minimum quantity orders;
      • Square link 4” chains are available @ 4’, and also with longer 1’ increments;
      • Color options for WatchLock® body are available;
      • Lock bumpers, and private labeling are available for minimum quantity orders.

WatchLock® Cube

WatchLock® Cube: A smart reporting lock that keeps you updated in real-time.

WatchLock® Cube


WatchLock® Cube is the latest version of the award-winning WatchLock® padlock – combining advanced GPS and GSM technology with a versatile locking system.

It provides notifications in real-time with any predefined irregular event – acting both as a security and as a monitoring solution. WatchLock® Cube protects your assets and communicates with you – no matter where you or your assets are.

It is both versatile and user friendly. The lock’s electronics shell can also fit a variety of C10 padlocks from various manufactures.

WatchLock® Cube is equipped with high-end electronic components and its battery lifetime is extended four times compared to the battery lifetime of WatchLock®.


Watchlock® Cube’s award-winning benefits:

      • Real-time information
      • Customized Alerts
      • Extended Battery Life
      • Uses any AA batteries
      • Versatile design – can fit a wide range of locks
      • User Friendly – easy to configure and use
      • Autonomous – no installation or wiring is required
      • Wide temperature range – can operate under extreme conditions
      • Can be used anytime, anywhere

 Range of usages:

      • Ideal for remote or hard to-access infrastructures – such as mobile phone masts, electricity transmission towers, and CCTV cameras, as it alerts with impact or any opening of the lock.
      • Freight containers – as it tracks the locks locations and send alerts if there has been a deviation from a pre-set route or time schedule.  Ideal for companies looking to protect their goods in transit and can be used for insurance purposes.
      • Movable assets – as it will trigger an alert if moved outside a defined perimeter (geo-fencing), and the lock’s locations can be tracked through the real-time GPS location monitoring via the web-based application.
      • Tracking exact opening and closing times – for management purposes.
      • Periodic reports – sent automatically by the online management system, thereby eliminating the need for onsite inspection of the padlock or protected assets.

How WatchLock® Cube Works


WatchLock® Technical Specifications:
GPS Protocol TypeTime to

First Fix (TTFF)

Positioning Accuracy


Antenna Type

NMEA (Binary)

12 (hot start)

10m CEP (50%)

0.2m/s (50%)

Built-in (concealed)

Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature

Storage Temperature

Protection Rating

(-40)C – (+60)C

(-40)C – (+85)C


CPU Static RAM

Nonvolatile Memory

Flash Memory

128 Kb

34 Kb

2049 Kb

Battery Type


Lithium-ion Polymer

3.7V 980mAh

GSM Communications Type



Emission Power (TX)

Motorola j30

Quad (800/1900,850/1800)


850/900 class 4 (2 Watt)

1800/1900 class 1 (1 Watt)

Physical Specification Dimensions


71mm x 86 mm x 47 mm


Accelerometer Type


4 Axis, 0,1g resolution

Identity and report events of impact

Access Port Type USB
Power Consumption (mA) Sleep/Idle

GPS only

GPRS only







Additional information

Weight 1.4 lbs


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