LED Strobe Lights


Weatherproof LED strobe light with 6 programmable flash and rotating beacon patterns.  5 lens colors available.  Operating life of more than 5 1/2 years.  Optional battery backup.  20 LED version (SL-1301-BAQ), and 40 LED version (SL-1301-BBQ).



LED Strobe Lights

  • Available in 5 colors: Amber, Blue, Green, Clear, or Red.
  • LED strobe lights feature a longer life with less heat generated.
  • Low maintenance. Operating life of over 50,000 hours (5.7 years).
  • 20/40* LEDs mean that the unit functions even if individual LEDs burn out.
  • Programmable for flashing strobe or rotating beacon mode.
  • IP66 weatherproof rating for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Can be used as emergency strobe or continuous-use warning indicator.
  • Omni-directional — visible in all directions.
  • 9-Volt backup battery option for continuous operation.
  • Adjustable flashing speed with 6 different flash patterns. See below.
  • 126LQ – Extra lenses for SL-1301 series.
  • Lenses are made of high-impact resistant acrylic; base of high-impact resistant ABS plastic.

SL-126LQ/A — Amber lens
SL-126LQ/B — Blue lens
SL-126LQ/C — Clear lens
SL-126LQ/R — Red lens
SL-126LQ/G — Green lens


Six programmable flash patterns:

  1. Strobe
  2. Steady ON
  3. Rotate Back and Forth
  4. Rotate Clockwise
  5. Rotate with Progressive ON
  6. Rotate with Progressive ON/OFF


# of LED strips 5 (4 LEDs per strip)
Operating voltage /R 6~14VDC
Models /A, /B, /C 9~14VDC
Current draw 60~200mA@12VDC
Adjustable flashing speed 30~260 flashes/minute
Operating life Over 50,000 hours
Operating temperature -4°~158° F (-20°~70° C)
Electrical protection Reverse polarity protection
IP rating IP66
Backup battery life Steady ON Up to 2 hours estimated
Strobe/Flashing Up to 4 hours estimated

5 LED Strips
SL-1301-BAQ/R — Red LEDs & lens; 6~14 VDC
SL-1301-BAQ/A — Amber lens; 9~14 VDC
SL-1301-BAQ/B — Blue lens; 9~14 VDC
SL-1301-BAQ/G — Green lens; 9~14 VDC
SL-1301-BAQ/C — Clear lens; 9~14 VDC 

10 LED 10 LED Strips 
SL-1301-BBQ/R — Red LEDs & lens; 6~14 VDC
SL-1301-BBQ/A — Amber lens; 9~14 VDC
SL-1301-BBQ/B — Blue lens; 9~14 VDC
SL-1301-BBQ/G — Green lens; 9~14 VDC
SL-1301-BBQ/C — Clear lens; 9~14 VDC

Flashing Patterns (see above)


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SL-126LQ LED Strobe Light Lenses
Small linked photo of SL-1301-BAQ/A LED strobe light lensSmall linked photo of SL-1301-BAQ/G LED strobe light lensSmall linked photo of SL-1301-BAQ/C LED strobe light lensSmall linked photo of SL-1301-BAQ/R LED strobe light lensSmall linked photo of SL-1301-BAQ/B LED strobe light lens Replacement high-impact resistant acrylic lenses for SL-1301BAQ & SL-1301-BBQ LED strobe light series, and SL-126Q and SL-126-A24Q xenon strobe light series.  Available in red, amber, green, clear and blue.

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