Kylos GPS


Kylos is a sophisticated portable GPS tracker, designed to monitor and track the location of assets and valuable merchandise. Kylos provides essential information instantaneously to make effective decisions about business matters and protects high-value property. The device will trigger and transmit alerts (via SMS/email) caused by irregular events or breaches (e.g., changes of location, temperature, impacts, or light exposure).


Kylos Protects Valuable Merchandise

Kylos GPS – Using the same advanced technology as Kylos Compact – GPS monitoring and tracking, GSM cellular capabilities, and innovative built-in sensors – Kylos GPS offers a longer battery life and is operational for longer periods of time than Kylos Compact, making it ideal for monitoring vehicles, valuable equipment, and commercial goods traveling long routes.


With Kylos GPS you can:

Kylos Protects Portable High-Value Assets

  • Keep track of your pallets, intermodal shipping containers, etc. as they travel long distances
  • Monitor and protect larger items such as generators and construction equipment in remote locations
  • Receive alerts whenever cargo containers are broken into, using the built-in light sensor and accelerometer, to reduce security breaches
  • Identify and react to deviations from a preset temperature range, using the built-in temperature sensor, lessening the risk of spoilage to valuable goods or medical supplies
  • Monitor and protect vehicles and RVs, when needed, without using pre-installed AVL systems
  • Monitor the location of fragile goods and cargo requiring special handling.

Click here to download a copy of the user’s manual for Kylos GPS. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, download Adobe Reader here.

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Weight 1.7 lbs