Kylos Compact GPS


Kylos Compact GPS is a light-weight and waterproof device designed to monitor and track merchandise, equipment, people and pets, and keep them secure by providing real-time information.  The device will trigger and transmit alerts (via SMS/email) caused by irregular events (e.g., changes of location, temperature, impacts, or light exposure).  Emergency alerts can be sent using the device’s panic button.


Kylos Compact

Kylos Compact GPS is a portable monitoring and tracking solution to guard the things you value and protect those you love.  The GPS technology used by Kylos Compact GPS will pinpoint precise locations, provide real-time alerts for predefined events that occur, and real-time historical reports of stored events. Kylos Compact GPS also offers geo-fencing technology for perimeter based alerts.  A built-in light sensor and temperature sensor can monitor ambient conditions.  A built-in accelerometer will send alerts for changes in movement or events of impact. A built-in panic button will summon responses for emergency situations. No wiring is needed, and set-up is easy.


Application examples:  (1) The merchandise built-in light sensor will raise an alert if your cartons carrying high-end merchandise are broken into, reducing the risk of your business falling victim to a security breach. (2) A built-in temperature sensor will proactively identify and react to deviations from a preset temperature range, lessening the risk of delivering spoiled goods or medical supplies. (3) The built-in adjustable accelerometer will raise an alert if your parked vehicle, motorcycle, or bicycle is being moved, thus enabling you to always know if and when your property is being tampered with.


With an integration of cellular communication abilities, GPS technology and innovative built-in sensors, Kylos Compact GPS will display real-time location and status information, delivering the utmost in reliable and accurate data, for your business and personal tracking needs.  The device itself, which can fit in the palm of your hand, can be attached to assets and worn by people or pets. It can be hidden in almost any item you have chosen to protect, making it totally adaptable to an extensive range of applications and applied to a diverse range of situations.

Kylos Compact’s Small Size


With Kylos Compact GPS you are in control of almost all possible events and situations. With its built-in sensors, automatic alerts and remote operation, system stability and continuity, you can act quickly to locate and recover your lost or stolen item(s).  Since the unit is small and easily

Kylos Compact – Tracking Persons

concealed from view, you can keep track confidentially while it remains unnoticed. As an example, the embedded GPS system will allow you to follow the path of your stolen vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle or merchandise and easily recover your property. You can rely on the system to provide essential information in real-time so you can make and execute effective decisions about your business and personal matters instantaneously. You can also be sure that you will be alerted to any irregularities or breaches, so that you can decide when your immediate attention is required. You will enjoy the convenience of a mobile and web based application that operates in 32 languages and includes detailed maps. The user friendly application enables the creation of customized alerts and reports in only a few simple steps. As the management application is mobile and web based, it can easily be accessed from anywhere, and at any time. Kylos Compact GPS has a built-in rechargeable battery and does not require an external power supply.

Click here to download a copy of the user’s manual for Kylos Compact GPS. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, download Adobe Reader here

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Weight .5 lbs