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Kylos Air is a monitoring and tracking solution ensuring safe delivery of air cargo from origin to destination. With its built-in light, temperature, accelerometer, and barometric sensors, Kylos Air is a capable and sophisticated tracking device, designed to monitor and protect air cargoes from damage and loss. The device will trigger and transmit alerts (via SMS/email) caused by irregular events, including changes of location, temperature, impacts, barometric pressure or light exposure.


Kylos Air GPS  – Using the same advanced technology as Kylos Forever – GPS monitoring and tracking, GSM cellular capabilities, and innovative built-in sensors – Kylos Air is a rugged and capable monitoring system ensuring safe delivery of air cargo from origin to destination, by providing real-time alerts and tracking through the Starcom System’s mobile and web applications.  Kylos Air provides an overall solution for ULD Pallets (Standard Aerial Unit Load Device) and ULD Containers. Kylos Air offers easy installation and removal, high accuracy sensors and reliable performance.


Kylos Air Offer Worldwide Coverage for Monitoring and Tracking Cargoes

In a world of international commerce and a growing volume of valuable cargoes being shipped by air daily, knowing the whereabouts of your cargo’s exact location is a major advantage. Kylos Air is a sophisticated tracking system, designed expressly to monitor and track air cargo in real-time.


Kylos Air triggers an immediate alert upon occurrence of any irregular event. This includes any change of location, temperature, impacts, or light exposure. You’ll receive real-time alerts at each point in the shipping process, and know whether the cargo has left your facility, arrived at the airport or been delivered at its final destination.


These alerts allow you to solve problems in real time and address any issues that could affect the supply chain process. Records of historical sensor conditions and alerts can help investigate any incidents experienced during the cargo’s shipping process.


This solution complies with the FAA regulations: the cellular modem is deactivated during take-off, and reactivated automatically upon landing using its internal barometer and accelerometer sensors

Click here to download a copy of the user’s manual for Kylos Air GPS. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, download Adobe Reader here.

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