IIDAS® VE-103DA Vending Alarm System


VE-103DA vending alarm system features an adjustable impact/abuse sensor, and a door contact switch, to protect vending machines against excessive abuse, severe impact, abrupt rocking, unauthorized intrusion and theft. Alarm is reset and activated by the door contact switch. Effective, versatile and inexpensive.


Publicly Accessible Frozen Vending & Snack Vending Machines

IIDAS® VE-103DA Vending Alarm System

IIDAS® 1020 controller
• 12 VDC battery pack, & harness
• 130 db piezo siren
• Magnetic contact door switch
• L-bracket, spacers, adhesive tape, quick splices, wire nuts, cable ties
• Warning label and installation instructions


Healthy Beverage & Snack Vending Machines

The 103DA Vending Alarm System
The 103DA Vending Alarm System features the IIDAS® 1020 security controller which includes a variable impact/abuse sensor, automatic reset (after 30 seconds), door trigger input, wide voltage range (5 to 15 VDC), low current drain (.01 UA @ 12VDC), and an optional relay output.

Click here to download a copy of the installation instructions for VE-103DA vending alarms.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, download Adobe Reader here.


Custom Features
Custom modifications of BRW’s IIDAS® controllers and security systems are available. These include:
•   varying the duration of the alarm output,
•   changing the sensitivity of the impact/abuse sensor;
•   adding a relay output,
•   utilization of alternate power sources, and
•   substitution of alarm system components.

Call or email BRW for further information regarding custom modifications of this alarm system.


Additional TIP Function
A tip function may be added to the impact/abuse and door protection of BRW’s IIDAS® security systems by incorporating a TIP module as an accessory.

Contact BRW for information regarding quantity price discounts, or to request a quote.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 lbs


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