High Security “T-Handle” Lock

High-security “T-handle” lock, designed to replace OEM factory cylinders on vending machines with standard “T-handles”. High precision pin tumbler mechanism. Pick and drill resistant. Exceeds UL 437 specifications. Restricted keyway. Keyed alike (KA), keyed differently (KD), or master keyed (MK).



High-Security “T-Handle” Lock

These T-Handle locks will retrofit popular T-Handle sleeves which are used to protect vending machines. Strategically placed hardened steel inserts are designed to hold up to some of the most determined attempts of physical attack.  These T-Handle locks will fit just about any vending security requirement. Incorporated with the patented Interactive Key Control System gives the user one the highest levels of key control available in the market today.

Unlocking with 90˚ operating key

Available Finishes:
Nickel Satin.

Body and plug: Brass.
Locking pin: Hardened Steel.
Pins: Nickel Silver & Stainless Steel.

Cylinder Mechanism:
Unique, high precision 10 telescopic pin tumbler system.
Pick and drill resistant for high security needs.

Reversible Nickel Silver key with plastic key head and colored insert for identification. Also available in all-Nickel Silver.

Key Security:
Orders for keys marked “do not duplicate” should only be made upon presentation of a key card.

Cylinder Options:
Classic, Interactive® (patented).
Keyed different, Keyed alike,
Master keyed.

“T-Handle” Lock supplied only as Keyed Different (KD),
Keyed Alike (KA), or Master Keyed (MK).

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