IIDAS® Security Controllers

IIDAS® C-1020 and C-1050 Security Controllers

BRW’s Integrated Impact Detection Alarm System, or (Eye-Des), provides protection against vandalism, excessive abuse, tampering, unauthorized intrusion and theft. BRW’s IIDAS® trademark has become synonymous with quality and state-of-the-art design.


IIDAS® controllers are revolutionary because they use a precision designed impact/abuse sensor. The patented impact/abuse sensor may be adjusted to detect varying levels of shaking, rocking or abuse. An integrated circuit is provided which will activate audible, visible or silent alarms, as well as interface with still frame and CCTV and IP cameras, or other peripheral devices. Each IIDAS® controller also contains an external trigger input with the capacity to monitor coin compartment or service doors, and will sound an alarm if an unauthorized intruder opens any access door.


IIDAS® controllers are designed for years of reliable service, and each is encapsulated to withstand severe environmental conditions. Every IIDAS® controller can operate with power sources ranging from 5VDC (TTL) to 15VDC.


Custom Features:

Custom modifications of BRW’s IIDAS® controllers and security systems are available. These include:

  • varying the duration of the alarm output;
  • changing the sensitivity of the impact/abuse sensor;
  • adding a relay output;
  • adding a tip function to the impact/abuse and intrusion protection of IIDAS® security systems;
  • utilization of alternate power sources; and,
  • substitution of alarm system components.

Ongoing research and development by the company’s engineers will ensure continued improvement of the security systems and accessories offered by BRW, and result in new products offering enhanced asset protection for all types of point-of-sale (POS) and publicly accessible equipment.

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