High-Security Locks

The high-security locks featured in these pages will meet a variety of strength, endurance and reliability challenges.  The lock cylinders have a unique telescopic pin tumbler mechanism with internal and external pins.  Both the internal and external shear lines must be aligned simultaneously for the plug to rotate.  When the top and bottom pins, and plug and body meet, a 3-dimensional shear line is formed making a nearly spherical shape.  These features, along with steel inserts, makes the cylinder pick-resistant and drill-resistant for high-security requirements.  When master keyed, additional side pins or back pins can be incorporated.


High-security locks feature (a) patented key control, (b) a UL 437 listing, and (c) millions of possible keying combinations.  In combination, these features prevent the illegal manufacturing of keys and key blanks, because duplication of keys requires special authorization, and key manufacturing equipment is limited to authorized professional locksmiths approved by the lock’s manufacturer.


These high-security locks exceed the construction and performance criteria (i.e., strength, aging/stress, moisture absorption, picking, forcing, drilling, prying, pulling, and salt spray corrosion) required to secure a UL 437 listing, and have also passed the stringent tests presented by such organizations as CEN, VDS, SKJ, and many more.


Cam Locks – The cam locks featured in these pages come in a range of sizes for use in diverse applications, including parking pay stations and meters, TVMs (ticket machines), cash boxes, drawers, ATMs, kiosks, casinos and pay telephones.

Switch Locks – The switch locks featured in these pages offer key control for electrical circuits, such as alarm systems.

“T-Handle” Lock –  The high-security “T-handle” plug lock  featured here protects  vending machines against tampering, unauthorized intrusion and theft when original OEM locks are  deemed inadequate.

Padlocks – NE-Series padlocks, incorporating patented innovations, that meet or exceed the most rigorous international standards, are intended for applications requiring the highest level of security.  C-Series padlocks have a hardened steel shell with a hardened boron steel shackle, and incorporate patented engineering concepts, making them an attractive solution for applications requiring a high-security padlock.   G-Series padlocks offer exceptional value in padlocks that are anti-corrosive in all weather conditions, with a hardened boron alloy shackle which is tamper resistant.

Key Platforms –  The high security locks featured in these pages are available with several possible key platforms to meet the evolving needs of our customers and markets, using advanced and patented technologies.

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